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  • Please go to the home page www.bauprojektplanung.de and select *Forgot password*.

  • Yes, we offer individual solutions that allow you to install the app on your server. Please contact our support for a personal offer.

  • Yes, the BAPP is designed to work offline without any problems. You decide when the BAPP synchronizes the data with the server.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of projects that can be loaded.

  • You can create any number of documentations per project and decide who should receive them. All recipients only have to be added to the project once at the beginning.

  • Camera (ideally on the back of the unit and with flash)
    Internet-enabled (WIFI recommended)
    At least 1.5 GB RAM
    Dual-core processor with more than 1 GHz
    Recommended display resolution: 1024x768px
    Recommended device size: 10 inch

  • The tablet does not require a SIM card, but should be Wifi capable. You can synchronize your device at any time in the office, at a Wifi hotspot or at home.

  • The BAPP is a professional app programmed for use on the tablet.

  • Yes, you can create simple logs in the BAPP. In this case it is recommended to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the tablet for faster typing.

  • Download the app to your tablet, register here first and assign a password. The password can then be used to log in to the internal area. (Full version)

  • Did you created all your contacts and an e-mail address?
    Did you selected the recipient in the project? (marked yellow)
    Is the recipient selected as distributor or participant in the protocol?
    If nothing applies, please contact our support.

  • Check whether you are logged off on other devices!
    If you are still logged in, log out.
    If the device is not within range, go to www.bauprojektplanung.de > Settings > Reset device information.
    Check username and password.